Lewisham wins hospital appeal

Lewisham Council and the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign have won the appeal brought by the Secretary of State for Health against the High Court quashing of his decision to downgrade Lewisham Hospital emergency and maternity service.
The verdict was delivered earlier today and confirmed that the Secretary of State and the Trust Special Administrator did not have the legal powers to make changes at Lewisham Hospital under the Unsustainable Provider Regime (UPR).
This is a great result. I was confident of our case but I am still very relieved. This is another victory for each and every individual who signed a petition, who wrote to the Secretary of State and who marched through the streets of Lewisham. Together we have fought to assert the right of the people who use and deliver health services to have a real say in their future. And we have won.
We knew the Secretary of State and the TSA were wrong in the beginning and today we all know they are still wrong now. We all now need to work together with our great local hospital and make sure it can continue to serve our community long into the future.
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