Freedom of the Borough for Doreen Lawrence

The allegations that the Metropolitan Police carried out undercover investigations of Stephen Lawrence’s family and other campaigners and attempted to smear them are shocking. They must be investigated quickly and fully and those responsible brought to account.

It does not matter how long ago this happened – it still damages the relationship between the Police and the community they serve and undermines the efforts that many of us have made to create trust particularly between our young people and the Police.

Doreen Lawrence is one of the most inspiring women of our times.  Her response to tragedy has been both to relentlessly pursue justice for her son and to create a lasting legacy for him.  To have achieved one of those would have required courage and dignity on a scale few can offer.  To do both is simply astonishing.

We are very proud that the Stephen Lawrence Centre is located in Lewisham and tomorrow evening Lewisham Council will begin the process of making Doreen Lawrence a freewoman of this borough.


Mugs for Lewisham Hospital

Mugs for Lewisham Hospital

An old friend from Deptford City Challenge days sent me a mug today with a modern nursery rhyme on it making a pointed reference to one Jeremy Hunt. The mugs are on sale and for every one sold £2.50 goes to the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign. It is well worth a look and there is a rather nice Thatcher mug too!